Monday, July 5, 2010


So last year I saw West Side Story the musical, and this year I went to see...
 WICKED on Broadway in the spring, and I was so excited to be in New York City for only the second time in my whole entire life. And I know it seems like a step back, sure "you saw said move in April, maybe May, how dare you only write about it now?" WELL, don't judge me. (wink)
I guess I stomped the NYC streets in some beat up gold glitter converse chucks, black jeggings and a minty plaid trench coat. I munched on over-salted street pretzels and went to Saks, United colors, and Emporio Armani, from which I bought absolutly NOTHING! Amazing for me. After making my way back around the financial district, I entered the theatre, climbed what felt like six hundred sets of stairs, and finally made my way to my red velvet covered seat, finding the balcony seats precarious, but immersing. The lights dimmed and I was thrown into a two hour world of dancing sugar encrusted gowns, magic wands, emerald tutus, spinning black and white petticoats, and some extremely green body makeup. By the time the play was over I was over-heating, my face glitter was melting like a witch under a pail of water, and I found a genuine compassion for winged monkeys. Maybe Glinda always was the bad girl.

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Shining Pink C4 Part 2

(NOTE: Thanks so much for reading up to chapter 4! Im really excited to send Charlotte to Miami, and let's thank all my friends for inspiring the next chapters. Hopefully i'll get some new posts in about my vacations and everything going on, since there are some great trips coming u, and some super inspirational magazine articles that I'll need to comment on. Read on)

As I finally made my way into school for the last time this year, it finally sunk in, that soon i'll be basking under the hot Florida sun in Miami, with one of my best friends. 11th grade has never felt so sweet before.
My grungy checkered skirt sways as I walk down the tiled hallway for the last time, at least this year. I wave goodbye to Malli, Steve, and Karrie, my best friends, other than Sandi of course, as I walk by. Charlotte runs up from behind a group of smartly dressed girls in Miu Miu heels, ruffly Ralph Lauren blouses and Citizens of Humanity Jeans, each one of them toting their very own logo splattered Vuitton bags.
"Charlotte! I'll pick you up next tuesday, and we'll drive to the airport! I'm so, so, so ready for this vacation with you Char." Sandi says to me as she runs up and grabs my arms.
 She always has been one to hang around with all of those wealthy girls with a taste for heavy logos and designer socks, along with everything else. She basicly is one of them, at least she dresses like it, today she's wearing a smart chanel pantsuit with her famous black leather Hermes carry-all and her collection of TopShop makeup splattered haphazardly across her face. I think her fashion sense has rubbed it's glitter covered fingers off on me, I've become a little obsessed myself, my leather flip flops are even name brand, and I bought some Dolce Vita studded heels and a Chanel tote while shopping with Sandi.
" Sure Sandi, I'm so ready!" I happily chirp back. I think I've become a different person this year, being friends with Sandi and her crew this year, I mean, my 90's grunge frocks and Dr.Martens are evolving into heels and pearls. I never thought i'd see the day, and i've realized that for a suburban High School, the girls here are pretty fashion-forward.
I walk in to classroom and into a crowd of teeshirt-clad teens downing energy drinks at an astonishing pace. finally, three more hours of this and then just a couple days, and my Balenciaga kitten-heels and I are taking Miami