Friday, August 27, 2010

CG Dig. Art

I recently embarked on the new adventure that is digital art, and I made a few chibis, which is a japanese term for small person or little person. They are basically just adorable, huge headed play dolls. except 2-d, with shiny hair in candy colors. The above picture is some art for iicaro on gaiaonline, which is a website that I love based around anime and manga, one of my newest passions, thanks to my lovely cousin Cara, who showed me her lovely jam-stuffed closet full of mixed thrifts, artsy dressed, asnd, the odd combo of cardboard swords and cosplay gear. quite inspiring. I thjink i will be branching into to more digital fashion/art as a new way of expanding. I really love it though, so I hope I get to make many more adorable little manga gjrls.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Material Girl @ Macy's

I am guite excited for the launch of Material Girl, Madonna's new clothing line at macy's...

I'm so ready for some uber-lovlyness in the world of teenage fashion. It's just sch a rut lately. Your either pro-american eagle or pro- aeropostale where I come from, which gets entirely too boring after 13 long years of life. :) The line Material Girl is by Madonna for macy's, but it's almost a colabortive between Madonna and her daughter, Lourdes "Lola" Leon. They both have a unique and admirable personal style if you ask me, "But who's asking you?" you ask....
Well, I'm the one who asks the questions round' here... well...
Anyway, I can't wait for this new line, just in time for back to school (Ugh... they can't just keep summer, summer, now can they?)



So i haven't posted for SO long because i've been working on all my photography (Though that's no excuse;) but im really happy to get back into the wing of this. I've also been working on a space for my artwork and photography, so my photography blog will be debuting soon enough... Anyway, thanks so much, i'll get back to wrapping  up Shining Pink in a few days, and I want to thank all my friends and my inspiration for, well inspiring me.