Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome to Four Seasons.

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall
Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall by serendipity0 featuring a wool dress
A new series for Style Of Life.
My Spring, Summer, Fall, And winter collection of clothes, basic indie-ish outfits. I'm lovin' that look, lately, but usually, it's just tan hoodies, ripped jeans, and leather booties. My addiction to indie-rock bands also contributed to this. Courtesy- Polyvore.
I've been going for a different look, lately, though. Spring is a mix of a european label's fall-winter collection. Quite neutral and comfy. I love worn leather boots with simple laces, great for anywhere with a darker leather satchel. The look would be a little woodsy otherwise, so I added yellow gold jewelry, including a ring with a peachy rose, and Leather floral studs.
This summer look, I adore. Summer usually becomes a rut of cut-off acid washed shorts, and band tees, at least for me, and if it doesn't for you, i'd love to know how you stay in style. But when I go to the park, or up to the city (Since my dowdy country life doesn't help my style.) I love to dress it up. Summer's outfit includes a greyscale floral belted skirt, with a cropped lace top. Quite feminine, i've always loved skirts anyway. The accessories are cute and quirky, woodsy heeled booties, ivory toned owl ring, and coral-colored bead statement necklace.
Winter is a bit of a comfy look, that reminds me of something I own. The velvet-like blazer looks 'snazzy' (To quote a friend) with a faux-leapard beret, tan leather gloves, and grey work-booties. A simple tan frock ties everything together, in this lovely indie-ish look.
Fall is my favorite, I think. So comfy, and I actually own the shoes! Comfy tawny moccasins and a grey cotton tee, along with dark-washed skinny jeans and a worn-in hoodie, look cute, yet still put together, along with a pristine leather bag, and the beanie is just adorable. And if you're saying "Jinkies, the glasses!" I was channeling Velma a bit there, I think that's what she would want. Just don't lose em.' (If you understand the pop-culture reference, I thank you, and owe you my comedic life, but don't take me up on that) Plus, when you wear faux-glasses, you always look smarter, like you're about to head over to a cafe with a copy of Pride and Prejudice.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let Bygones Be Bygones

For my official close-out to all things summer, blocking out the warm sun... the sand between my pedicured toes... the... Well, okay, time for 'Summer's Last Hurrah! Outfit. -Drum Roll Please-

Top: Apples 2 Apples    Tank: Victoria's Secret     Hat: Vintage   Bag: Vintage   

Just a bit of a surprise I think. My outfit for Brimfield Antique Fair, one of my favorites, and where I first discovered Falafel. I still don't quite know what exactly Falafel is though. Delicious, whatever it is. Anyway, straight after reading Teen Vogue (Which, By the way, isn't nearly comparable to ACTUAL Vogue, italian or otherwise) I threw together this outfit to go to the Fair, where I got my favorite little vintage Dior wig box, for $8. Hopefully i'll get a nice little picture of that. 

Next up, finally editing a few photo shoots, putting together christmas and more Fall looks, and FINALLY my favorite part. Working on my split personalities Photo shoot. 


Fall Calls, We Must Answer

Such a long stretch in between posts. I've been quite busy lately, a lot of art requests. (Yes,  I draw for people, and sometimes they pay me, don't be jealous, it's not so great, still fun though.) Also updating my playlist, which is full of Papa Roach, Breathe Electric, and Never Shout Never. Not that i'm a cliche teenager, its just that I enjoy things like that. On to my clothes though, fall in Massachusetts is pretty amazing, it seems like a stretch, though, that people would travel any distance to come watch crispy leaves fall off trees, better to watch paint dry. Although, it always depends on what color the paint is. 

Heels: Unionbay     Skirt: Vintage, From a renaissance fair    Necklace: Vintage  Corset: Vintage Sweater: Thrift  

So a little bit ago, I felt like being different. So clutching my purple butterfly-feather mask and canvas corset, I set off into the fields to create a memorable photo, and I have to say, I'm pretty proud. Sure, i was tired and in need of Hot-Chocolate, but I still think it turned out artistically okay. Except for my pasty-pale knees, but who doesn't have that problem. Well... I know a few people, but still.
"Kateri, why are you sitting in a pile of ashes."
"It's art... A.R.T!"
"Sure, art. Why is your sister in a tree then?"
"Mom, thats her job, don't question her artistic liscense."
"I'll make sure not to."
"I'm sure you will." 

And also, Bloggers, I'm finally getting to editing all my newer photos, like halloween and early fall. A lot of things have been going on, and i've lost touch with posting, but i'll be back to it soon.


Friday, September 3, 2010

School Shopping! (A grape bunch of new clothes)

I haven't posted in so long! Probably because this week was our first week of school after summer vacation. I have to say, I could have gone longer without school, but going back to school means I get to wear all my new clothes! I went on a mall excursion with one of my more fashion inclined friends, Samantha. And of course, after we were finished we went to Ruby Tuesdays... yum... but that's another story. Forever 21, which is an absolutely delicious store for teens and young adults. Every time I ever go to the mall, I spend hours in Forever 21 searching through racks and racks of sequin covered dolman sweaters, heeled combat boots, gold glitter powder, floral taffeta mini-dresses, and other, less than timeless, (But still just as loveable!) Clothing in the sale section, which I bot to after getting in the door. Of course, I also scan the regular sections, searching through over nine themed rooms, including, Paris, Combat, Oriental, Heritage, Plus-size, and evening wear, just to name a few. And after seeing this store, I totally plan to hit-up New York City's mega sized shop of the same name. Delia's is also one of our (As in, my friends too!) stomping grounds. Delia's is a well designed trendy store full of statement graphic tees, printed socks, always-fitting jeans, and super-soft sweaters. Whenever I go there, I always head to the sale section. (Did I mention i'm always up for a sale, I hate to waste a dime!) Especially since some of the regular priced clothes are a little out of my price range, I could buy them, I just choose not to (Did I mention the socks were $12 a pair! And I found the same pair at Priceless for $3) But lots of the clothes are really creative, and pretty well made, plus, that's the only place my 00 size sister can buy jeans! Some of the clothes I bought are listed below. (Black sparkle tights ala' Delia's, I love to wear them with my lighter denim cut-offs and combat boots) (Polka dot exaggerated puff sleeve top, love, Forever 21, awesome with my dark skinnies and purple H&M lace ups) (Teal Brushed Dolman sweater, great with my VS purple super-soft tank and some light ripped jeans from Guess.) (Blue Dress shirt from Forever21  , awesome with my favorite white Keds w/ red and yellow skulls and hearts, and some light skinnies) 

Thanks to school, I got a grape bunch of new clothes, and now i'm basically stalking Modcloth for one lovely wallet (sandwich theme) with photo real- bread/ pb&j. 



Friday, August 27, 2010

CG Dig. Art

I recently embarked on the new adventure that is digital art, and I made a few chibis, which is a japanese term for small person or little person. They are basically just adorable, huge headed play dolls. except 2-d, with shiny hair in candy colors. The above picture is some art for iicaro on gaiaonline, which is a website that I love based around anime and manga, one of my newest passions, thanks to my lovely cousin Cara, who showed me her lovely jam-stuffed closet full of mixed thrifts, artsy dressed, asnd, the odd combo of cardboard swords and cosplay gear. quite inspiring. I thjink i will be branching into to more digital fashion/art as a new way of expanding. I really love it though, so I hope I get to make many more adorable little manga gjrls.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Material Girl @ Macy's

I am guite excited for the launch of Material Girl, Madonna's new clothing line at macy's...

I'm so ready for some uber-lovlyness in the world of teenage fashion. It's just sch a rut lately. Your either pro-american eagle or pro- aeropostale where I come from, which gets entirely too boring after 13 long years of life. :) The line Material Girl is by Madonna for macy's, but it's almost a colabortive between Madonna and her daughter, Lourdes "Lola" Leon. They both have a unique and admirable personal style if you ask me, "But who's asking you?" you ask....
Well, I'm the one who asks the questions round' here... well...
Anyway, I can't wait for this new line, just in time for back to school (Ugh... they can't just keep summer, summer, now can they?)



So i haven't posted for SO long because i've been working on all my photography (Though that's no excuse;) but im really happy to get back into the wing of this. I've also been working on a space for my artwork and photography, so my photography blog will be debuting soon enough... Anyway, thanks so much, i'll get back to wrapping  up Shining Pink in a few days, and I want to thank all my friends and my inspiration for, well inspiring me.

Monday, July 5, 2010


So last year I saw West Side Story the musical, and this year I went to see...
 WICKED on Broadway in the spring, and I was so excited to be in New York City for only the second time in my whole entire life. And I know it seems like a step back, sure "you saw said move in April, maybe May, how dare you only write about it now?" WELL, don't judge me. (wink)
I guess I stomped the NYC streets in some beat up gold glitter converse chucks, black jeggings and a minty plaid trench coat. I munched on over-salted street pretzels and went to Saks, United colors, and Emporio Armani, from which I bought absolutly NOTHING! Amazing for me. After making my way back around the financial district, I entered the theatre, climbed what felt like six hundred sets of stairs, and finally made my way to my red velvet covered seat, finding the balcony seats precarious, but immersing. The lights dimmed and I was thrown into a two hour world of dancing sugar encrusted gowns, magic wands, emerald tutus, spinning black and white petticoats, and some extremely green body makeup. By the time the play was over I was over-heating, my face glitter was melting like a witch under a pail of water, and I found a genuine compassion for winged monkeys. Maybe Glinda always was the bad girl.

Photos Ala',, and

Shining Pink C4 Part 2

(NOTE: Thanks so much for reading up to chapter 4! Im really excited to send Charlotte to Miami, and let's thank all my friends for inspiring the next chapters. Hopefully i'll get some new posts in about my vacations and everything going on, since there are some great trips coming u, and some super inspirational magazine articles that I'll need to comment on. Read on)

As I finally made my way into school for the last time this year, it finally sunk in, that soon i'll be basking under the hot Florida sun in Miami, with one of my best friends. 11th grade has never felt so sweet before.
My grungy checkered skirt sways as I walk down the tiled hallway for the last time, at least this year. I wave goodbye to Malli, Steve, and Karrie, my best friends, other than Sandi of course, as I walk by. Charlotte runs up from behind a group of smartly dressed girls in Miu Miu heels, ruffly Ralph Lauren blouses and Citizens of Humanity Jeans, each one of them toting their very own logo splattered Vuitton bags.
"Charlotte! I'll pick you up next tuesday, and we'll drive to the airport! I'm so, so, so ready for this vacation with you Char." Sandi says to me as she runs up and grabs my arms.
 She always has been one to hang around with all of those wealthy girls with a taste for heavy logos and designer socks, along with everything else. She basicly is one of them, at least she dresses like it, today she's wearing a smart chanel pantsuit with her famous black leather Hermes carry-all and her collection of TopShop makeup splattered haphazardly across her face. I think her fashion sense has rubbed it's glitter covered fingers off on me, I've become a little obsessed myself, my leather flip flops are even name brand, and I bought some Dolce Vita studded heels and a Chanel tote while shopping with Sandi.
" Sure Sandi, I'm so ready!" I happily chirp back. I think I've become a different person this year, being friends with Sandi and her crew this year, I mean, my 90's grunge frocks and Dr.Martens are evolving into heels and pearls. I never thought i'd see the day, and i've realized that for a suburban High School, the girls here are pretty fashion-forward.
I walk in to classroom and into a crowd of teeshirt-clad teens downing energy drinks at an astonishing pace. finally, three more hours of this and then just a couple days, and my Balenciaga kitten-heels and I are taking Miami

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shining Pink C4 Part 1

I open my eyes, immersed in the world that seems like a newly found reality, bright light is streaming through the maxi blinds covering my windows, and the smells of cherries and burning toast are wafting through my half open door. And then it comes to me... today is the last day of school!  Soon i'll be home free, taking a plane to Miami, Florida, I'll live it up.
I whip a checkered petticoat skirt out of my closet, put on my green tank top and some black leather flip-flops and run out into the kitchen, nearly tripping over the edge of carpet and a wooden chair.
"Your so accident prone" yells my mother from the other room, where she's folding laundry.
I grab a piece of toast covered in sugary cherry jelly off the table and head out the front door. I run down the driveway, scarfing down a bite of the toast every other step. I stand at the bus stop for what seems like forever, waiting for the yellow bus to screech to a halt in front of me. I just want this day to be over with, since it's only half a day anyway. I don't even understand the point of going to school today, and apparently half of the population agrees with me, because when I got to school there were only about forty kids waiting to be let into the school. As I walked down the hall inside the school I was continually stopped to sign one yearbook or another for some aquantince or friend, writing 'HAGS, -C' on each of them. Code for Have A Great Summer, because I really couldn't be bothered. When I finally got to my Classroom Sandi ran up to me, gave me a huge goodbye hug, and ran to her homeroom. The only thing that would be happing today is a bunch of speeches by all the teachers, rambeling on about how much they'll miss everyone. I hope this is all over soon.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shining Pink C3

Could today have been any more boring? Sure tomorrow is the last day of school.... and it'll almost be time to go on that vacation. As I walk along the cracked sidewalks I dream of white sand beaches and clear water, I can finally lose myself, I finally come back to reality when my shoe lace gets tangled in a garden hose and I fall forward.
"You okay sweetie?" my sweet neighbor Josephine yells. God she must be at least eighty.
" Sure... thanks" I'm not to enthusiastic, nothing is real untill tomorrow.... I mean so much could happen in so short of a time, I could be run over by a speeding train, or eaten by a really large cat, or even captured and brought to northern ireland to work as a potato farmer... jinx.
I get off the ground and dust off my pen-graffiti covered, and now dirty, hands. I turn the corner and walk into my driveway, slamming the front door open and tracking mud over our new white carpet.
"your gonna have to vacum that you know" my mom yells
"Of course... Um so mom," I ask hesitantly
"Yup." She says nonchalantly as she scrubbs a porcelean dish with a wad of wet steel wool.
"Well mom... Sandi... she wants me to come with her to Miami for summer break."
"And you told her..."
"I told her yes." This isn't going my way.
" Fine Char."
"What..." Was that suprising?
" I said fine, you can go, your old enough, plus I can finally go shopping without your imput.
"Oh my god mom! Are you serious?" Whenever we go shopping I always comment on her overwheling collection of cotton tee-shirts and shopping vocabulary, I mean, who calls a coat a 'trench'.
"Sure Char, go ahead, how much money do you need."
"well... um she's paying part of it so probably like $1000..." And that's a deal breaker....
"Sure... but you know that means you cant go on that trip to nevada with your class next year."
"Ya sure, what's even in Nevada for people under twenty-one. Jesus, that you so much mom!"
I cant believe this, I run into my room and grab my antique emerald-colored phone and call Sandi.
"Oh my god girl! This isso wicked, I can go! My mom is giving me money and everything!"
"Yesssess! Girl we'll have so much fun! I'm gonna get one fab tan!"
Sandi is that kind of pasty, raw bacon color, with cherry red hair. No freckles though raggedy-ann fan club, thank you.
"Im so happy sandi, maybe i'll actually have fun!"
"Sure you will... i've got to go, Jason's here... love you girlliooo"
Jason is Sandi's super rad boyfriend. Who I used to have a wicked crush on for the record.
I go lay down on my springy bed and close my eyes, sure it's early \, but tomorrow's the last day of school and I have to look super cool, that means getting up extra early to straighten m hair... lucky me. I close my eyes and slip quietly into my dreams, the last timebefore i'm home free.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome To Summer

A small addition before I continue shining pink, my blog's new story, I'm so exstatic that it's finally fummer and school is over, and this year i'm super excited (and obsessed) with all the new sandals and bohemian dresses that all the stars are wearing. I've just had this realization: $120 is a LOT to pay perfume... wow I never realized this before, which is suprising considering if I add up all of my perfume values it equals over $500... that gingerbread/orange scent was a mistake. Anyway, my season faves,

top: Double T-Strap Sandals
middle: Woven Flower Burst Dress
bottom: Peep Toe Workman Bootie

All from forever 21, for which i am obsessed. So I love the gold sandals at top because they have a striking resemblance to some YSL sandals I used to swoon over. I love little peep toe tie-up booties for spring/summer. Plus I love floral dresses (which I only usually wear in the summer) and I need to buy myself a shirt dress, or a shirt which can be made into a dress soon before I drop with envy. I have a wedding to go to, so new upload pics from there in July.


Continuing my story Shining Pink during my next edit or post

Friday, June 18, 2010

Shining Pink C2 Part2

"Sandi what? No it's not." I can't go with her, well I guess I could but it'll cost her so much, or course I can always pay her, and it would be awesome, and it's cold up in upstate new york...
"Ok Sandi I want to go, when do we leave?"
" We leave July 17... Ok"
" Ok sandi I'll see you there... this is going to be totally fab."
So I walked back to my homeroom (Sure I was already late)  this was so exciting... oh my god my life is finally beginning

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

If I Were...

A quick If I Were...

If I were a month i'd be March
If I were A Color i'd be navy
If I were A Tree i'd be Ash
If I were a song i'd be Animal
If I were a fish I'd be a Betta
If I were an Animal I'd be a Tiger
If I were a country I'd be New Zealand
If I were a State I'd be Vermont
If I were a fabric I'd be Silk
If I were a store i'd be Forever 21
If I were an Instrument I'd be a guitar
If I were paint set i'd be acrylic
If I were water i'd be sparkling
If I were Soda i'd be coke
If I were a flower I'd be a rose
If I were a city i'd be new york
If I were a dessert I'd be red velvet cupcakes
If I were a fruit i'd be lemon
If I were a designer label i'd be Chanel
If I were a filling i'd be chocolate mousse
If I were a shoe i'd be vuittan spicy sandals
If I were anyone i'd be myself

Shining Pink C2

I stepped through the doors of the school, and hastily walked down the pastel-tiled hallway. Quite a resemblance to an insane asylum actually. I open up my rusty green locker and grab my two dirty paper-bag covered text books.
"Charlotte! Char!"
Sandi is yelling for me to drop everything and run over to her locker. I'm late enough anyway.
I quickly grab my bags and walk down the hall to my homeroom and sit down in my chair.
"Char! Come here!"
I've decided to go see Sandi, I wouldn't want her to pop a blood vessel if she gets any more excited.
"Charlotte! Char you won't believe this"
I can't belive i've given in.
"What Sandi, i'm gonna be late."
"Char, I booked us that summer break trip to the Florida, Miami! Your perfect for Miami"
Sandi always says she's jealous of me. I have long platinum blonde hair and apparently i'm super tall and 'really skinny.' Sandi's been my best friend since kindergarden, even though she usually annoys me to death and her big announcements aren't always at the right time.
" Oh my god Sandi! This is going to be hot!

(Continued c2 later)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shining Pink C1

 Chapter one

My Shiny new Jimmy Choos clicked in a cheery rythem as I strutted down the street. catch that, strutted. I opened that brilliant glass doors of New York prep and walked inside.... ahhh. The sweet scent of lemons and expensive english cologne dominated my senses. Bliss... Then I woke up. My screaming alarm clock jolted me out of bed and sent my arms flailing in every direction... unfortunately that included the direction of my precariously placed stack of books, overdue papers, and shoes. My pair of dirty black converse fell off and hit me in the eye. I swear if that gives me a black eye i'll die. I rip off my headband and my dirty shoes that I forgot to untie and take off last night before I went to sleep. I pull on some fuzzy Mickey Mouse pajama bottoms and some black dr.martins and shuffle, half asleep out to the kitchen, where a bowl of cheerios and a half cup of pulp-free orange juice awaits me. Oh joy. I wolf down my breakfast and go upstairs to straighten my ever-curlier hair. I don't even know why I bother, It's humid and despite my $100 iron I know my hair will curl back up. After burning my hands three times with the neon pink iron, my hair finally looks half-way decent, so I go back downstairs, pull on some acid wash blue jeans and A purple tank top. I walk outside, flinging my back pack over my shoulder and running down the driveway to the bus stop.

My bus rattles along the long suburban roads to my school, in reality, not a shining, lemon scented, upper class school in new york. Once I got there I stood in the blistering heat with my wannabe gangsta friends untill I felt like going in. This started out like any normal day. But it turned out to be the day i'll never ever forget.

(Chapter 2 coming soon, comment to tell me what you think..... Note: These are shortened chapters from the book i'm trying to write)

Monday, May 31, 2010

5 Things To Love

1. Beautiful Shopping Bags
    -Because don't they make you feel special, walking around the mall with sixty thousand colorful bags dangling off your fingers, With their prominently places bold labels.
   - What to hate about them : When people stuff every bag inside the biggest one, doesn't that defeat the purpose. (well, not exactly the purpose) Also, when the paper handles start making marks on your arms, as if there were 2000 pounds of bricks in those bags, or a small child
            (pic from creative

2. High Heels
   - Because first of all, even I, being short, can be six feet tall. Well I
guess im not really short. 5'4 isn't short for 13 I suppose. Plus don't they make you feel hot, especially when they're super high in crazy shapes and
 - What To Hate: When you trip and nearly brake your ankles, when you suddenly become taller than your boyfriend (and when you have to limit heel height because of that)

3.  Lux Perfume
- Especially the classic Chanel no 5, because you'll always smell amazingly perfect. Plus you get the beautifull little glass bottles, mhich look marv on a reflictive vanity tray ;)
- What to hate: When someone spills your perfume all over, and you waste at least $20 an ounce (But water is free- inside joke) and that's all you smell forever. It could be worse.

4. Converse
- My personal fave, the most break em' in wear em' out shoes ever. My personal fav that i never had a chance to get was the limited spring fling the Missoni had with converse- The Missoni for converse sig sneaks. But really converse are perfect- everyone relates with them now.
What to hate: well you can't really wear them everywhere, plus they can get ratty after a while.

5. Vintage Clothes
-  Because if you really want to be unique, this is the only way to
go. Because no one has ANYTHING like it, plus you meet some
interesting people shopping, and there's nothing like sorting
through racks and racks of beautiful heavily pearled clothes
stuffed onto racks.
What to hate: Not much, except that things can be really different, and often expensive. The can also be imperfections you wouldn't get with normal clothes.

6-10 things to love coming soon, also soon a pic of my growing vintage clothing

Friday, May 28, 2010

New Pics

So my mom says that if we win the lottery i'll get another Coach purse... probably that cotton candy pinkish one... classic. I'll have my own version of the ethereal pic below by tomorrow.. with my model (and sister) VL.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Photoshoot

So I'm doing four new photoshoots... probably my own version of ethereal, some sort buisness, schoolgirl, and idk the last one yet.. so those pics should be up tuesday. YAY!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19.... they day my life *finally* begins

Today i've finally realized that summer is *almost* here... and also that I love life. Funny  that I just realized that. Plus I finally realized that every time I open my mouth I say something stupid.... so I guess i'll have to roll with it as to not become mute.  I realizes that I can make terrible mistakes and still go on. And today I was generally inspired. I drew some sketches when I got home... but i'll save those for later. My style experiment is starting tomorrow. I was looking at such beautiful ethereal pictures today, being in my airy happy mood, so here's an especially beautiful one from Today I learned I need to cope with who I am, and that we all need to live our own lives and be who we are. So the stats for today are:
Today's color: Aquamarine
Today's quote: (My Fav) "Ships ina harbor are safe, but that is not what ships are built for" -John Shedd
So, this post has been totally unrelated to fashion, but more to life. Live it.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Experiment on Living Life

So I've decided that every day I'll take a picture of what I wear and then upload it in a post.. sometimes combining 2 or 3 days (how can one person be that dedidicated) to show how I evolve through the year... wish me luck and tell me your stories.


" In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."

" In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."
This is my motto for life. I think that if you can't be unique.... your just another nobody. The world is like a stage, The people whoe are unique and themselves only, they are the lead roles, and the others are only props, only people in the background , in the shadows, and that isn't how I want to live. Pawns. So that's how I try to act and how I try to live, but you can be scared to stray from your beaten path. SO that's what this blog will be about, being different and living your life. So be positive and comment on how you live.

Quote by Coco Chanel

So, getting off the deep note, I'm new here! There are a lot of young bloggers who inspire me, but mostly, I just need a place to keep my thoughts. I love fashion, love studying fashion, love living it. Basically, fashion=love, if you're into math, like that. Or should I say Fashion=X, Love=Y X=Y Y=X XY+XY= 2(XY)

Well, anyway, I seem to have gotten a bit off track. But i'm the new kid in town.