Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shining Pink C4 Part 1

I open my eyes, immersed in the world that seems like a newly found reality, bright light is streaming through the maxi blinds covering my windows, and the smells of cherries and burning toast are wafting through my half open door. And then it comes to me... today is the last day of school!  Soon i'll be home free, taking a plane to Miami, Florida, I'll live it up.
I whip a checkered petticoat skirt out of my closet, put on my green tank top and some black leather flip-flops and run out into the kitchen, nearly tripping over the edge of carpet and a wooden chair.
"Your so accident prone" yells my mother from the other room, where she's folding laundry.
I grab a piece of toast covered in sugary cherry jelly off the table and head out the front door. I run down the driveway, scarfing down a bite of the toast every other step. I stand at the bus stop for what seems like forever, waiting for the yellow bus to screech to a halt in front of me. I just want this day to be over with, since it's only half a day anyway. I don't even understand the point of going to school today, and apparently half of the population agrees with me, because when I got to school there were only about forty kids waiting to be let into the school. As I walked down the hall inside the school I was continually stopped to sign one yearbook or another for some aquantince or friend, writing 'HAGS, -C' on each of them. Code for Have A Great Summer, because I really couldn't be bothered. When I finally got to my Classroom Sandi ran up to me, gave me a huge goodbye hug, and ran to her homeroom. The only thing that would be happing today is a bunch of speeches by all the teachers, rambeling on about how much they'll miss everyone. I hope this is all over soon.

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