Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome To Summer

A small addition before I continue shining pink, my blog's new story, I'm so exstatic that it's finally fummer and school is over, and this year i'm super excited (and obsessed) with all the new sandals and bohemian dresses that all the stars are wearing. I've just had this realization: $120 is a LOT to pay perfume... wow I never realized this before, which is suprising considering if I add up all of my perfume values it equals over $500... that gingerbread/orange scent was a mistake. Anyway, my season faves,

top: Double T-Strap Sandals
middle: Woven Flower Burst Dress
bottom: Peep Toe Workman Bootie

All from forever 21, for which i am obsessed. So I love the gold sandals at top because they have a striking resemblance to some YSL sandals I used to swoon over. I love little peep toe tie-up booties for spring/summer. Plus I love floral dresses (which I only usually wear in the summer) and I need to buy myself a shirt dress, or a shirt which can be made into a dress soon before I drop with envy. I have a wedding to go to, so new upload pics from there in July.


Continuing my story Shining Pink during my next edit or post

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  1. Your calling that thing wedding? More like a petting zoo!