Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shining Pink C3

Could today have been any more boring? Sure tomorrow is the last day of school.... and it'll almost be time to go on that vacation. As I walk along the cracked sidewalks I dream of white sand beaches and clear water, I can finally lose myself, I finally come back to reality when my shoe lace gets tangled in a garden hose and I fall forward.
"You okay sweetie?" my sweet neighbor Josephine yells. God she must be at least eighty.
" Sure... thanks" I'm not to enthusiastic, nothing is real untill tomorrow.... I mean so much could happen in so short of a time, I could be run over by a speeding train, or eaten by a really large cat, or even captured and brought to northern ireland to work as a potato farmer... jinx.
I get off the ground and dust off my pen-graffiti covered, and now dirty, hands. I turn the corner and walk into my driveway, slamming the front door open and tracking mud over our new white carpet.
"your gonna have to vacum that you know" my mom yells
"Of course... Um so mom," I ask hesitantly
"Yup." She says nonchalantly as she scrubbs a porcelean dish with a wad of wet steel wool.
"Well mom... Sandi... she wants me to come with her to Miami for summer break."
"And you told her..."
"I told her yes." This isn't going my way.
" Fine Char."
"What..." Was that suprising?
" I said fine, you can go, your old enough, plus I can finally go shopping without your imput.
"Oh my god mom! Are you serious?" Whenever we go shopping I always comment on her overwheling collection of cotton tee-shirts and shopping vocabulary, I mean, who calls a coat a 'trench'.
"Sure Char, go ahead, how much money do you need."
"well... um she's paying part of it so probably like $1000..." And that's a deal breaker....
"Sure... but you know that means you cant go on that trip to nevada with your class next year."
"Ya sure, what's even in Nevada for people under twenty-one. Jesus, that you so much mom!"
I cant believe this, I run into my room and grab my antique emerald-colored phone and call Sandi.
"Oh my god girl! This isso wicked, I can go! My mom is giving me money and everything!"
"Yesssess! Girl we'll have so much fun! I'm gonna get one fab tan!"
Sandi is that kind of pasty, raw bacon color, with cherry red hair. No freckles though raggedy-ann fan club, thank you.
"Im so happy sandi, maybe i'll actually have fun!"
"Sure you will... i've got to go, Jason's here... love you girlliooo"
Jason is Sandi's super rad boyfriend. Who I used to have a wicked crush on for the record.
I go lay down on my springy bed and close my eyes, sure it's early \, but tomorrow's the last day of school and I have to look super cool, that means getting up extra early to straighten m hair... lucky me. I close my eyes and slip quietly into my dreams, the last timebefore i'm home free.

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