Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shining Pink C2

I stepped through the doors of the school, and hastily walked down the pastel-tiled hallway. Quite a resemblance to an insane asylum actually. I open up my rusty green locker and grab my two dirty paper-bag covered text books.
"Charlotte! Char!"
Sandi is yelling for me to drop everything and run over to her locker. I'm late enough anyway.
I quickly grab my bags and walk down the hall to my homeroom and sit down in my chair.
"Char! Come here!"
I've decided to go see Sandi, I wouldn't want her to pop a blood vessel if she gets any more excited.
"Charlotte! Char you won't believe this"
I can't belive i've given in.
"What Sandi, i'm gonna be late."
"Char, I booked us that summer break trip to the Florida, Miami! Your perfect for Miami"
Sandi always says she's jealous of me. I have long platinum blonde hair and apparently i'm super tall and 'really skinny.' Sandi's been my best friend since kindergarden, even though she usually annoys me to death and her big announcements aren't always at the right time.
" Oh my god Sandi! This is going to be hot!

(Continued c2 later)

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