Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shining Pink C1

 Chapter one

My Shiny new Jimmy Choos clicked in a cheery rythem as I strutted down the street. catch that, strutted. I opened that brilliant glass doors of New York prep and walked inside.... ahhh. The sweet scent of lemons and expensive english cologne dominated my senses. Bliss... Then I woke up. My screaming alarm clock jolted me out of bed and sent my arms flailing in every direction... unfortunately that included the direction of my precariously placed stack of books, overdue papers, and shoes. My pair of dirty black converse fell off and hit me in the eye. I swear if that gives me a black eye i'll die. I rip off my headband and my dirty shoes that I forgot to untie and take off last night before I went to sleep. I pull on some fuzzy Mickey Mouse pajama bottoms and some black dr.martins and shuffle, half asleep out to the kitchen, where a bowl of cheerios and a half cup of pulp-free orange juice awaits me. Oh joy. I wolf down my breakfast and go upstairs to straighten my ever-curlier hair. I don't even know why I bother, It's humid and despite my $100 iron I know my hair will curl back up. After burning my hands three times with the neon pink iron, my hair finally looks half-way decent, so I go back downstairs, pull on some acid wash blue jeans and A purple tank top. I walk outside, flinging my back pack over my shoulder and running down the driveway to the bus stop.

My bus rattles along the long suburban roads to my school, in reality, not a shining, lemon scented, upper class school in new york. Once I got there I stood in the blistering heat with my wannabe gangsta friends untill I felt like going in. This started out like any normal day. But it turned out to be the day i'll never ever forget.

(Chapter 2 coming soon, comment to tell me what you think..... Note: These are shortened chapters from the book i'm trying to write)

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