Monday, May 31, 2010

5 Things To Love

1. Beautiful Shopping Bags
    -Because don't they make you feel special, walking around the mall with sixty thousand colorful bags dangling off your fingers, With their prominently places bold labels.
   - What to hate about them : When people stuff every bag inside the biggest one, doesn't that defeat the purpose. (well, not exactly the purpose) Also, when the paper handles start making marks on your arms, as if there were 2000 pounds of bricks in those bags, or a small child
            (pic from creative

2. High Heels
   - Because first of all, even I, being short, can be six feet tall. Well I
guess im not really short. 5'4 isn't short for 13 I suppose. Plus don't they make you feel hot, especially when they're super high in crazy shapes and
 - What To Hate: When you trip and nearly brake your ankles, when you suddenly become taller than your boyfriend (and when you have to limit heel height because of that)

3.  Lux Perfume
- Especially the classic Chanel no 5, because you'll always smell amazingly perfect. Plus you get the beautifull little glass bottles, mhich look marv on a reflictive vanity tray ;)
- What to hate: When someone spills your perfume all over, and you waste at least $20 an ounce (But water is free- inside joke) and that's all you smell forever. It could be worse.

4. Converse
- My personal fave, the most break em' in wear em' out shoes ever. My personal fav that i never had a chance to get was the limited spring fling the Missoni had with converse- The Missoni for converse sig sneaks. But really converse are perfect- everyone relates with them now.
What to hate: well you can't really wear them everywhere, plus they can get ratty after a while.

5. Vintage Clothes
-  Because if you really want to be unique, this is the only way to
go. Because no one has ANYTHING like it, plus you meet some
interesting people shopping, and there's nothing like sorting
through racks and racks of beautiful heavily pearled clothes
stuffed onto racks.
What to hate: Not much, except that things can be really different, and often expensive. The can also be imperfections you wouldn't get with normal clothes.

6-10 things to love coming soon, also soon a pic of my growing vintage clothing

Friday, May 28, 2010

New Pics

So my mom says that if we win the lottery i'll get another Coach purse... probably that cotton candy pinkish one... classic. I'll have my own version of the ethereal pic below by tomorrow.. with my model (and sister) VL.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Photoshoot

So I'm doing four new photoshoots... probably my own version of ethereal, some sort buisness, schoolgirl, and idk the last one yet.. so those pics should be up tuesday. YAY!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19.... they day my life *finally* begins

Today i've finally realized that summer is *almost* here... and also that I love life. Funny  that I just realized that. Plus I finally realized that every time I open my mouth I say something stupid.... so I guess i'll have to roll with it as to not become mute.  I realizes that I can make terrible mistakes and still go on. And today I was generally inspired. I drew some sketches when I got home... but i'll save those for later. My style experiment is starting tomorrow. I was looking at such beautiful ethereal pictures today, being in my airy happy mood, so here's an especially beautiful one from Today I learned I need to cope with who I am, and that we all need to live our own lives and be who we are. So the stats for today are:
Today's color: Aquamarine
Today's quote: (My Fav) "Ships ina harbor are safe, but that is not what ships are built for" -John Shedd
So, this post has been totally unrelated to fashion, but more to life. Live it.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Experiment on Living Life

So I've decided that every day I'll take a picture of what I wear and then upload it in a post.. sometimes combining 2 or 3 days (how can one person be that dedidicated) to show how I evolve through the year... wish me luck and tell me your stories.


" In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."

" In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."
This is my motto for life. I think that if you can't be unique.... your just another nobody. The world is like a stage, The people whoe are unique and themselves only, they are the lead roles, and the others are only props, only people in the background , in the shadows, and that isn't how I want to live. Pawns. So that's how I try to act and how I try to live, but you can be scared to stray from your beaten path. SO that's what this blog will be about, being different and living your life. So be positive and comment on how you live.

Quote by Coco Chanel

So, getting off the deep note, I'm new here! There are a lot of young bloggers who inspire me, but mostly, I just need a place to keep my thoughts. I love fashion, love studying fashion, love living it. Basically, fashion=love, if you're into math, like that. Or should I say Fashion=X, Love=Y X=Y Y=X XY+XY= 2(XY)

Well, anyway, I seem to have gotten a bit off track. But i'm the new kid in town.