Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome to Four Seasons.

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall
Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall by serendipity0 featuring a wool dress
A new series for Style Of Life.
My Spring, Summer, Fall, And winter collection of clothes, basic indie-ish outfits. I'm lovin' that look, lately, but usually, it's just tan hoodies, ripped jeans, and leather booties. My addiction to indie-rock bands also contributed to this. Courtesy- Polyvore.
I've been going for a different look, lately, though. Spring is a mix of a european label's fall-winter collection. Quite neutral and comfy. I love worn leather boots with simple laces, great for anywhere with a darker leather satchel. The look would be a little woodsy otherwise, so I added yellow gold jewelry, including a ring with a peachy rose, and Leather floral studs.
This summer look, I adore. Summer usually becomes a rut of cut-off acid washed shorts, and band tees, at least for me, and if it doesn't for you, i'd love to know how you stay in style. But when I go to the park, or up to the city (Since my dowdy country life doesn't help my style.) I love to dress it up. Summer's outfit includes a greyscale floral belted skirt, with a cropped lace top. Quite feminine, i've always loved skirts anyway. The accessories are cute and quirky, woodsy heeled booties, ivory toned owl ring, and coral-colored bead statement necklace.
Winter is a bit of a comfy look, that reminds me of something I own. The velvet-like blazer looks 'snazzy' (To quote a friend) with a faux-leapard beret, tan leather gloves, and grey work-booties. A simple tan frock ties everything together, in this lovely indie-ish look.
Fall is my favorite, I think. So comfy, and I actually own the shoes! Comfy tawny moccasins and a grey cotton tee, along with dark-washed skinny jeans and a worn-in hoodie, look cute, yet still put together, along with a pristine leather bag, and the beanie is just adorable. And if you're saying "Jinkies, the glasses!" I was channeling Velma a bit there, I think that's what she would want. Just don't lose em.' (If you understand the pop-culture reference, I thank you, and owe you my comedic life, but don't take me up on that) Plus, when you wear faux-glasses, you always look smarter, like you're about to head over to a cafe with a copy of Pride and Prejudice.


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