Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Calls, We Must Answer

Such a long stretch in between posts. I've been quite busy lately, a lot of art requests. (Yes,  I draw for people, and sometimes they pay me, don't be jealous, it's not so great, still fun though.) Also updating my playlist, which is full of Papa Roach, Breathe Electric, and Never Shout Never. Not that i'm a cliche teenager, its just that I enjoy things like that. On to my clothes though, fall in Massachusetts is pretty amazing, it seems like a stretch, though, that people would travel any distance to come watch crispy leaves fall off trees, better to watch paint dry. Although, it always depends on what color the paint is. 

Heels: Unionbay     Skirt: Vintage, From a renaissance fair    Necklace: Vintage  Corset: Vintage Sweater: Thrift  

So a little bit ago, I felt like being different. So clutching my purple butterfly-feather mask and canvas corset, I set off into the fields to create a memorable photo, and I have to say, I'm pretty proud. Sure, i was tired and in need of Hot-Chocolate, but I still think it turned out artistically okay. Except for my pasty-pale knees, but who doesn't have that problem. Well... I know a few people, but still.
"Kateri, why are you sitting in a pile of ashes."
"It's art... A.R.T!"
"Sure, art. Why is your sister in a tree then?"
"Mom, thats her job, don't question her artistic liscense."
"I'll make sure not to."
"I'm sure you will." 

And also, Bloggers, I'm finally getting to editing all my newer photos, like halloween and early fall. A lot of things have been going on, and i've lost touch with posting, but i'll be back to it soon.


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