Friday, September 3, 2010

School Shopping! (A grape bunch of new clothes)

I haven't posted in so long! Probably because this week was our first week of school after summer vacation. I have to say, I could have gone longer without school, but going back to school means I get to wear all my new clothes! I went on a mall excursion with one of my more fashion inclined friends, Samantha. And of course, after we were finished we went to Ruby Tuesdays... yum... but that's another story. Forever 21, which is an absolutely delicious store for teens and young adults. Every time I ever go to the mall, I spend hours in Forever 21 searching through racks and racks of sequin covered dolman sweaters, heeled combat boots, gold glitter powder, floral taffeta mini-dresses, and other, less than timeless, (But still just as loveable!) Clothing in the sale section, which I bot to after getting in the door. Of course, I also scan the regular sections, searching through over nine themed rooms, including, Paris, Combat, Oriental, Heritage, Plus-size, and evening wear, just to name a few. And after seeing this store, I totally plan to hit-up New York City's mega sized shop of the same name. Delia's is also one of our (As in, my friends too!) stomping grounds. Delia's is a well designed trendy store full of statement graphic tees, printed socks, always-fitting jeans, and super-soft sweaters. Whenever I go there, I always head to the sale section. (Did I mention i'm always up for a sale, I hate to waste a dime!) Especially since some of the regular priced clothes are a little out of my price range, I could buy them, I just choose not to (Did I mention the socks were $12 a pair! And I found the same pair at Priceless for $3) But lots of the clothes are really creative, and pretty well made, plus, that's the only place my 00 size sister can buy jeans! Some of the clothes I bought are listed below. (Black sparkle tights ala' Delia's, I love to wear them with my lighter denim cut-offs and combat boots) (Polka dot exaggerated puff sleeve top, love, Forever 21, awesome with my dark skinnies and purple H&M lace ups) (Teal Brushed Dolman sweater, great with my VS purple super-soft tank and some light ripped jeans from Guess.) (Blue Dress shirt from Forever21  , awesome with my favorite white Keds w/ red and yellow skulls and hearts, and some light skinnies) 

Thanks to school, I got a grape bunch of new clothes, and now i'm basically stalking Modcloth for one lovely wallet (sandwich theme) with photo real- bread/ pb&j. 



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