Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let Bygones Be Bygones

For my official close-out to all things summer, blocking out the warm sun... the sand between my pedicured toes... the... Well, okay, time for 'Summer's Last Hurrah! Outfit. -Drum Roll Please-

Top: Apples 2 Apples    Tank: Victoria's Secret     Hat: Vintage   Bag: Vintage   

Just a bit of a surprise I think. My outfit for Brimfield Antique Fair, one of my favorites, and where I first discovered Falafel. I still don't quite know what exactly Falafel is though. Delicious, whatever it is. Anyway, straight after reading Teen Vogue (Which, By the way, isn't nearly comparable to ACTUAL Vogue, italian or otherwise) I threw together this outfit to go to the Fair, where I got my favorite little vintage Dior wig box, for $8. Hopefully i'll get a nice little picture of that. 

Next up, finally editing a few photo shoots, putting together christmas and more Fall looks, and FINALLY my favorite part. Working on my split personalities Photo shoot. 


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